Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A very Camp tale!

If you're looking for someone who knows how to live life
to the full then you need look no further than Adele Renault.
She was born into a musical family on a farm in the Belgian
Ardennes in 1988 and by the time she had reached the ripe old
age of fourteen she had already begun to travel abroad alone,
first to Venezeula on an exchange visit and then to
Brighton on the South Coast of England for two years.

Adele graduated in 2010 from the Academie Royal des Beaux
Arts in Brussels with a degree in Graphic Design having studied
everything from classical oil painting to spray can graffiti and
everything else in between.

Is this a posh pigeon loft?

In 2009 she began working with Neils Shoe Meulman and together
they travel the world collaborating on large scale murals.
Neils provides the iconic word images and she paints in the
livestock.  When not on the move they can be found at The Unruly
Gallery in Amsterdam.


Meanwhile in 2013 far away across the Pond in Wisconsin, Chicago
artist George Keaton and photographer Marian Naella discovered
a tiny white egg in their kitchen left behind by workmen replacing
old windows in their apartment.  By some miracle the egg hatched
and a tiny pigeonlet now know worldwide as Camp emerged.


The couple hand reared the chick and when it was time for his
release into the wild it soon became apparent that Camp had other
ideas - he was family and he wasn't going anywhere.  You can
follow his adventures every day on Instagram.

A Camp teenager

It was through these posts that Adele got to hear about Camp and
quickly decided to make him her new muse producing a series of
giant canvases depicting the stages of his life from egg to adult.

Up close and personal.

If you're anywhere near Chicago go and see the exhibition for
yourself.  If not, just feast your eyes here, fluff out your feathers
and say COO!

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