Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Long, long ago, when Adam was a boy,
the Internet had yet to be invented and I was just
a small girl, I was given a doll called Lobelia.

An appropriate name for a doll straight out of a
horror film.  She had been passed around the family
for a couple of generations before I drew the short
straw and she came briefly into my possession.

Not the real Lobelia but close enough to send shivers.

She really freaked me out, I was a "teddy" girl through
and through.  This abomination had moving eyes, rosebud
lips and a wig of real human hair made by my grandfather
who was not only a West End "coiffeur des dames" but also
dabbled in the dark art of the handmade "peruke" as a very
lucrative sideline.  Just don't ever ask where he got
the hair!

I took an instant disliking to Lobelia.  She was hard and
unyielding, her arms and legs stuck into my chubby infant
flesh and her eyes seemed to follow my every move.
She instilled terror and was thankfully taken away from me
the day I picked up the scissors and decided to give her a
"Tony Curtis".  A fashionable cut back in the day.

Guy (Michael Zajkov) and Dolls

The years rolled by and I had all but forgotten the porcelaine-
headed monster that used to haunt my childhood dreams
- that is until today because today I stumbled upon the work
of Russian craftsman Michael Zajkov!

After graduating from Kuban State University in 2009 Michael
chose to work as a pupeteer with a theatre group until he went
on to hit the big time in 2013 with an exhibition entitled
Art Dolls in Moscow.  Michael is very easy on the eye btw!

They look quite a handfull.

His dolls are so real you almost expect them to blink.  They're
multiple jointed and made from polymer clay with hand painted
eyes from Germany and French mohair tresses.  Guaranteed to
fascinate, unnerve, repel and horrify all at one and the same time.

How spooky are these?

Come back Lobelia, all is forgiven.
Just please don't ever leave me alone with one of
Michael's spooky humanoids.  Promise?

That's one way to put on your mascara I suppose.

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