Sunday, 28 February 2016

Afternoon tea at the Rectory

I think it's this way

Every year, sometime in February when the time is just right.
the Old Rectory in the village of Strumpshaw opens it's gates
to the hoi polloi so that everyone can come and enjoy their
magnificent display of snowdrops

And us locals end up benefiting twice over as we not only get
to see those beautiful flowers in their woodland setting but also
because all the proceeds are fed back into the community through
donations to local charities, so it's win :win all round.

The rectory itself is a charming Georgian property and there's
nothing nicer than to come in from the cold and to be greeted with
bowls of steaming hot, homemade soup served by members of
the village WI. 

 And if you've got any room left after that then
there's plenty of choice in the cake and scone department
with oodles of jam and cream of course.

Be still my heaving bosom.  No Alice it wasn't all that cream that made me heave.

As I sat contentedly in a big old leather armchair in front of their
roaring fire I could almost see Mr Darcy striding up the drive
after a quick swim.  How perfect would that be?

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