Sunday, 16 August 2015


The fine City of Norwich has always been associated with dragons
since the Middle Ages.  It has a Dragon Hall, two
Dragon Churches - St George Tombland and Colegate -
a Dragon Festival and a dragon boat race.
And this year it has it's very own Dragon Trail.

Lord Nelson and his dragon in Cathedral Close

The 2015 Norwich interactive arts sculpture trail brings
84 large dragon sculptures (5ft high/1.6m) and 120 school
dragons to the City.  We've already had Gorillas and
Elephants  These mythical creatures are made from
glass-fibre and are the creation of Wild in Art.

The sun catching dragon of Tombland

Artists and community groups submitted designs for the
painted dragons on a number of themes including
Norwich, Norfolk, nature and cult.  There are also seven
special heritage dragons with associated activities ranging
from calligraphy to puppetry.

His magnificence the John Lewis dragon

To see them all together you will need to visit The Forum
between 27-30 September before they are auctioned in aid
of a Norfolk based charity who support vulnerable childred
and familis across East Anglia.

Fabric, button-down scales

My favourite dragon of all has to be the one sponsored by
the haberdashery department of John Lewis.
They've really pushed the boat out and he sits amidst
the knitting wool, quilt fabrics and threads completely covered
in buttons, sparkles, patchwork and knitting.
He's even got a zipper down his back between his wings.

Fantasy feathered wings

So don't just sit there.  Download a trail map and
let's go dragon spotting. 

Someone's even knitted him some leg warmers ......


  1. Glad you love our dragons & the beautiful city (I live other side of the cathedral lol), you never know what to expect here so always expect the unexpected :-D

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