Monday, 24 August 2015

A long dog day in heaven

Stop me if I've mentioned this before
but I do have the very softest of spots in the
whole of soft spot land for running dogs
large and small so it will come as no surprise
when you hear that I've just been surrounded
by hundreds of the exquisite creatures and feel
like I may have died and gone straight to heaven
in the process.

I've been nibbled by whippet pups who wouldn't sit
still to have their photo taken.

I've been in the company of lurcher men who
always bring a bottle just in case.

I've seen a Bedlington cross too beautiful for words.

I've been delighted to see young families out
with their dogs.

I've thought very seriously about stealing a van
just for what's in the back of it.

I've seen more saluki crosses than you could
shake a stick at.

I've seen dogs who like to drive .....

..... and others who prefer the back seats.

There's been the rough .......

..... and the smooth,

and just about everything else in between.

They seem to have picked up a good sniff.
I think I'll tag along and see where it goes.
Lure coursing at Raveningham,
it's the only place to be.


  1. Lost one of mine yesterday. She was the best little Buddha babe in the world, my little Taz. Her sister is devastated, almost as much as me. I think one of the reasons I love your site and your samplers is because I know you are a dog person and I like supporting extraordinary people! Wish I had space for a "long dog."

    1. Sadly I know exactly how you must be feeling and nothing I say can in any way make you feel any better right now. Cuddle up your other dog and have a good blub at least then you won't be bottling your feelings up inside. Hugs.

    2. Thank you...who knew one held so many tears?! But in between them there is the peace of knowing she is no longer suffering and that she is busy sniffing out the best cookies, mice and squirrels to be had where ever she is. Just hope she remembers to leave those miserable fire ants alone.

  2. Hi Julia!
    I'm not on LinkedIn but I am a follower of your blog. My blog is and I am on facebook.

    1. I think I hit something by mistake. Linkedin is a bit tricky to fathom. I shall certainly have a look at your blog. Thanks. J.