Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Old Vicarage Garden, East Ruston

A picture paints a thousand words and I've taken enough
photo's on my recent visit to The Old Vicarage Garden
over at East Ruston to give War and Peace a run for it's money.

The gardens were created by Alan Gray and Graham Robeson
and, even after many years, they are still very much a work
in progress with some new marvel being added all the time.

It isn't so much a garden as a whole series of beautiful
outdoor spaces each with it's own theme and all of them

I have to admit that this was my first visit and I should have
gone with someone rather than being let loose all on
my own because I could barely suppress my squeals of
delight, and on occasion didn't, as I wandered from place
to place just following my nose in search of fresh
delights around every corner.

Tiny leafy bowers, bold gateways, magnificent planting,
pools, panoramas, vegetables, llamas, fountains, colours,
light and shade.  Oh just look at the photo's or,
better still, go and see for yourself.
It's heaven on earth!