Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Words of wisdom?

Repeat after me - "Keep away from YouTube or you'll never get anything done!"
I came across the lovely Michelle the Merry and her myriad of homilies
on all things cross stitch whilst searching for Alex Campbell clips
earlier today and couldn't resist sharing with you her advice on the tricky
subject of "How I select big cross stitch patterms."
Sadly I'm still none the wiser on the size aspect but perhaps Camilla
can help us there.

However, in a nutshell, she would appear to advocate that if you don't like animals
then don't do designs with animals on them only do projects that appeal to you.
Wise words indeed.

And with those criteria firmly in mind, off you go my lovelies
and get stitching.

Me?  I'm going off into a quiet corner until this fit of the giggles has passed.
Thank you Michelle you've certainly made my day a little merrier.