Thursday, 10 April 2014

Camera back in action!

I felt rather redfaced when I discovered that I don't
actually need a cable to transfer all my happy snaps
onto my laptop.
I've often wondered what all those little slots around the edges
were for - and now I know!  Wizz out the memory card,
zap it in and away we go - instant pikkies.
No cock jokes please Camilla
I've been hopping around like a frog on a hotplate since I left
Chateau Long Dog in February.  I encountered the fat pheasant
at my secret HQ in Wiltshire.  He's probably been eaten
by now as one of my kinswomen is a crack shot.
No Alice dear - not that kind of crack, do try and pay attention.
It was jelly and fruit to follow - perfik!
What's more she can do things on her Rayburn that would make
even little Nigella blush to her very roots, and that takes some doing.
There seems to be a bit of a drug theme developing here what with
talk of crack, then Ms Lawson followed by "high" tea (see above)
all in the same sentence so let's move on shall we?
A pair of woolly jumpers
Goodbye little lambs, sleep tight because my current port of
call is Castle Long Dog in Norfolk just until Easter when on the third
day I shall rise again and move on somewhere else
- you'll just have to wait and see where.
Someone to watch over me.
This was the view from the battlements the other evening just after the
piper had played last post.
I was feeling a little low when I heard a voice in my head
(yes, I know, worrying isn't it?)
"Look out of the window" it said "I'm here to watch over you."
And there he was in the clouds - my guardian long dog.
How lucky am I?

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