Saturday, 12 April 2014

I'm going soft in my old age ......

My daughter in law, with whom I am currently staying,
is what dear Dame Edna would describe as,
"A darling little marsupial from Sydney."
and she's certainly teaching me a thing or two.
How do we tell him he's not allowed a needle to do his cross stitch.
I've never before come across the concept of having a "soft room"
in the house and so when the subject came up my
thoughts instantly turned to some kind of padded cell
complete with straight jacketed occupant.
But nothing, it seems, could be further from the truth.
There's a welcome at McDonalds
The term is sometimes used to describe a quiet room in a police station
where children can feel safe but poor Kenny in South Park appears
to have had no such luck as those scarey clown faces are
almost guaranteed to give him nightmares for a week.
Even the clocks are muted in a soft room.
What we're talking here is a room with highly sound absorptive
surfaces jammed full of soft, comfortable furnishings where
you can go to chill out away from the blazing heat down under.
No Alice certainly not the burning heat of a recurrent dose of thrush
but the intense heat of suburban Sydney. 
And once again Alice I don't mean Sydney the window cleaner who
went walkabout last year with your Aunty's pension book either.
Shame they had to cut the brown boy's nose off to get it into the space.
I want one, they sound cool and I'm already gathering ideas of
how mine could look.  The dog painting's greyt but that
big brown sofa looks a bit lumpy to me.  I need further inspiration.
A big softie for a soft room.
Consider me inspired!
Move over babe, I'm sure there's room for me on there too.
I don't seem to take up an awful lot of room these days.
Don't go far because there's more Ozziness on it's way. 
Hell let's make a season of it before someone
demands to know if that's a jolly jumbuck we've got in out tucker bags.
And g'day to everyone at The Crewel Gobelin while we're at it,
which we weren't!

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  1. Love the Crewel Gobelin, but alas never been to the shop. They have great online service.