Saturday, 8 June 2013

Where's my sharp stick?

No, I'm not going adder hunting although they are in season right now, and neither am I going to make any of my usual tacky jokes about being poked in the eye with one (a stick that is and not an adder) although I am sorely tempted, 
- what I am actually going to do is stir you all up a bit in order to make sure you're taking notice.  So stand to attention because here comes the first tiny glimpse of the new Long Dog which is due to be let loose from it's kennel at the very end of this month, just in time for your summer holidays. 

There, now that didn't hurt did it?  Not much to go on yet but that's intentional.  Yes I know Alice that you hate Florentine chevrons but tough, life isn't all flopsie bunnies you know.  Life isn't always a bowl of cherries either (and there may be the first tiny hint of a clue to the title in that last bold statement).  Ready for another picture - here goes .....
There you go Alice - sitting on top of those horrid, horrid chevrons which are enough to make you seasick is a little chick-a-birdie about to get his beak stuck into a giant cherry!  Any the wiser yet?
Oh grief! not more cherries and Florentine bits, I'm starting to get bored already.  Don't despair 'cos you aint seen nothing yet!  I shall give you just one more little peep (as the actress said to the bishop) and then I must go and prepare something gormet for the dogs as I've given the kitchen staff the weekend off to visit the saffran fair in the next village.

Sorry, this is Geordie disguised as a red herring.  I've only got to mention food and the cuddle monster arrives out of nowhere looking ravenous.  This is what you should have been looking at!

Job done I think.  Nobody any the wiser and hopefully everyone eagerly awaiting next week's denouemont with baited breath.  I'm rather into black at the moment as you can see - it matches my finger nails after all the gardening I've been doing lately.  A la prochaine!  Bises a tous.


  1. I eagerly await the revelation of the new sampler.

  2. Looks very interesting and I love the Florentine Chevrons!!! Laura

  3. Hold the bait, please! I'd rather just hold my breath in anticipation - and hope you hurry with the revelation so I don't lose consciousness. ;-)

  4. kimjlawson Alaska9 June 2013 at 22:35

    When you say adder do you mean snake??
    Looking forward to new design!

  5. Breath baited, of course, though even I have a pretty good eye as to what this may be.