Saturday, 15 June 2013

Oh! we're riding along on the crest of a wave .....

Yes, you got it in one, it's those wonderful chevrons again ... tee, hee Alice.  'Fraid so, this one includes a verse too - are you averse to a verse?  Don't be silly Julia, continue.

Today is a particularly momentous occasion as it marks the fiftieth post on our Long Dog blog.  I shall just wind up the gramophone to play you a quick fanfare - is it loud enough for you?
It's really a great pity that you can't all be here in person to celebrate with me.  As you can see I am wearing my pantomime horse costume to get into the swing of it and you'll never guess which famous celebrity is in the back half.  All I will say is that he has very cold hands and that I've told him he has five minutes to stop whatever it is he is doing before I call for help. 
To continue, and to tease further (being careful not to split my infinitives, not you in the rear trousers, you've had quite enough excitement for one day) here is a blurry happy snap of yet another little section of the forthcoming blockbuster from Chateau Long Dog.  I think my modesty is what people often find so attractive in my personality.
Taken at an odd angle I admit but, excuse me a minute - Deb I know you had a late night last night but could you at least try to look interested and not as if you blundered onto this blog by mistake - where was I?  Ah yes ....
Time for this one more before lock up (as they say in the Scrubs) and Russell dear, if you really must smoke. please don't forget to put your cigarette out properly.  Last time you stopped over and set fire to the mattress it took days to get rid of the smell.  Ooops! nearly gave away the identity of the mystery celebrity horseing about with me and that would never do.  Keep 'em guessing .......

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  1. I think you are really enjoying yourself just a bit too much Julia, especially when you know how much we are looking forward to the new design. And we still have to wait another nearly two weeks? Seriously not fair I say.