Saturday, 30 March 2013

Three cheers for the honey cart!

Those of you living in rural areas whose properties are not connected to mains drainage will know why I'm rejoicing.

No cuddly Easter Bunnies on this blog, we live life in the raw here at Chateau Long Dog and it doesn't get much more down to earth than a visit from the sludge gulper.  I've been pumped out, pressure washed and relieved of vast sums of money to boot and all before 10am and my first chocolate chip muffin of the day.  Still an end at last to all those nasty niffs that I've been blaming on the dogs and all before the summer drought season kicks in again.

It's surprising what a quick poke with a sharp metaphorical stick will bring about,.  You remember the little snippet of St Sylvestre which I had purloined last week well a lady called Just Me of the Just Let Me Change That blog owned up to it and here is the magnificent beast when finally finished.

It hangs ( I have absolutely no idea where although I think the V&A is a very silly guess Alice) in the illustrious company of some Ink Circles designs and although when the final whistle blew the score was Ink Circles 3 Long Dog 1 I have to admit they do all sit very well together.  Oranges all round for the teams.

It's cross stitch overkill this week chaps.  One of my mates wanted a cushion for her birthday and here is my magnificent attempt to fulfil her every wish - St Germain with knobs on!  Beads actually but I prefer the sound of knobs.
And at the touch of a button (I didn't even think knob then - really Camilla you get worse every week) we zoom in top left for a bit more detail.  I know you like to get up close and personal whenever possible.
So try not to dribble as you lean over this because stain removal is definately not my forte and the cushion is no longer my property. 
Just time to show you the sun setting behind the top field in a desperate attempt to bring your pulse rates back to normal and then I must nip out and hide the eggs for my two pagan pooches to hunt out tomorrow.  There's no peace for the wicked or the Wiccans.


  1. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. What a view! Unencumbered by the trappings of civilization - it could have looked the same for ten thousand years. Yes, I'll visit in my dreams.

  2. I'm so glad you posted that. I recall seeing one of Just Me's four, but it is a mere fraction of pleasure of seeing the foursome (something less than one fourth - I believe in synergy.) I'm delighted to have them in the company of a Long Dog. I'm quite a fan! I was also entertained that the honey pumper terminology is also used across the pond. Cheers!

  3. Gorgeous stuff! I tried not to dribble on the cushion but now smoke`s wafting from my keyboard...

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  5. This is so pretty and the colors just pop. This is just gorgeous!!!