Friday, 7 September 2018

Something old, something new ......

..... something borrowed all stitched in blue.
Nothing to do with weddings and more of that later.

First of all I'd like to introduce you to a new design for
the autumn.  It answers to the name of SPANGLED,
measures 205 x 277 stitches and is priced at £17.10.

If you'd like to have a pdf copy of your very own

then just shimmy on over to the Long Dog website and there's a copy ready and waiting
with your name on it.

So here's where the something old comes into the equation because
A GOOD TIKE is now also available on the Long Dog website.
It's a design that's been around for many years (something old) which 
was marketed exclusively by a greyhound rescue charity. 
As they no longer do so it's been "borrowed" back
and is certainly blue!

So whether you fancy it as a sampler or a cushion it's called
A GOOD TIKE, measures 222 x 222 stitches and costs £8.50.

Just click on and you'll
fall straight into my waiting arms.

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