Friday, 29 June 2018


If you would valiant be then please do come hither because you've come
to the right place .  We're going on a journey of the mind
in search of "the Truth".

This unique stitching pilgrimage will lead you along a path of
discoveries and pitfalls questing for "self".

There's even a PPP (Pilgrim's Progress Plan) included with the
chart to enable you to document your passage along the way.

Why not rest for a while at Palace Beautiful, whisper to the Spangled Nag
or sample the offerings of Vanity Fair before continuing on past the
Slough of Despond to the Celestial City?

These are just a few of the places you'll visit en route before your pilgrimage
concludes and your completed labours leave you with a joyful heart.

Apologies for the abysmal standard of the pictures my only excuse is that
they were taken through glass and it was impossible to find a point
where there was no reflection to contend with.

The Pilgrim measures 305 stitches x 367 stitches, is priced at £19.50
and is available to purchase from the website as a pdf

But be warned, Frog's Bottom can be a very tricky place for
the novice pilgrim to negotiate. 


  1. This stick work is absolutely incredible and so detailed oriented. What a wonderful piece, where did you find this piece of work. Loved stopping by, thanks for the share. Keep up the posts!
    World of Animals

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  3. Music to my ears. Really I can purchase this chart as a pdf.? I'm going right to your website!