Friday, 2 September 2016

Liquorice Allsorts

It's been a while since I've written anything on the blog
for which I am characteristically impenitent but today I do have
something worth my while to tell you about - so here I am with
details of a brand new design which should particularly please all you
OCD lovers of symmetry out there.

This is a "pop up" post.  Well if restaurants and hairdressers can do it
all over the place willy nilly - then so can Long Dog.

The palette is autumnal which is about right for September although
for some reason this photo doesn't seem to be doing the colours justice.

The style is Celt meets the Flying Dutchman and their resulting offspring
is called Liquorice Allsorts because it reminds me of the sweeties
of the same name.  

But please don't eat them while you're stitching because
liquorice stains something awful and one sneeze could ruin everything.

This must have new addition to the Long Dog stable measures a
modest 251 x 251 stitches and is priced at £12.75.  To obtain a
pdf version of the chart simply contact me at:

Or for a paper version go to your local needlework shop and
shout through the letter box "I want a bag of liquorice allsorts please."
but don't leave it too long or someone else will scoff the lot.


  1. Yum Yum. Nothing like a licorice/sugar high.

  2. I really miss your posts. There were many times you introduced me to amazing artists and different forms of expressing their talents.My world became a bit smaller in the last few months. I am a xstitcher and adore your designs. THANK YOU

    1. Hello unknown person and thank you for your kind words. I stopped writing regular posts because I felt I was becoming a bit stale and really had nothing particularly interesting to say. It's difficult to gauge what people want to hear. Perhaps I'll give it a go again in the new year as one of my resolutions.

  3. Please do! We miss you and your sense of humor and your artistic view of the world!