Friday, 4 March 2016

Short and curlies


If there's one thing I've noticed about stitchers over the years it's
that, beside an abiding passion for sewing, which can at times
reach manic proportions if not kept firmly in check especially
in the stash department, most of you seem to share your lives
with a furry chum or two.

Bugger off, I want to sew.

As you know, I've had my fair share of four legged companions
who've slept all over my current projects, nested in my sewing
basket, trodden all over my threads with muddy paws when I'm
not looking and even, on one occasion, played tug of war with a
sampler they'd stolen from the washing line.

Not my knitting please.

The one thing they all had in common was that they somehow managed
to get their hairs stitched into my work.  Many's the time that strands
of hair that simply wouldn't brush off have actually become an
integral part of the fabric, stubbornly refusing to be removed even
when I've taken my best tweezers to the blighters.

Those of you who wondered why I called the sampler "Flemish Giant"
need look no further.

But I have to admit that today was a first.
I don't currently have any animals (three fat goldfish don't really count)
neither have any come to visit recently which might explain away the
presence of a wiry thread of hair I spotted sticking out in the
middle of a recently executed carnation head.

Was it anything to do with you Scrut?

Oh! the shame of it dear stitchers.
I knew instantly from whence it came.

I've finally gone that extra mile and, inadvertently I might add,
stitched a little strand of my DNA into my work -
it was an errant pube!

At the beginning of this post you will have seen my warning so
you view the following image at your peril
- it's a "nutscape" and the keen eyed amongst you will
instantly see that it contains "flash" photography,
certainly has graphic content and contains "nuts",
Have a nice day.

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