Friday, 19 October 2012

The Needlework Show

The Needlework Show is an online trade show which opened yesterday - however you'll be glad to know that viewing by the general public is also possible .

If you spot something you like simply click on the list of Retail Shops or pester your local needlework shop to put in an order.  You'll find all the latest designs showcased (including Mots d'Amour).  Follow the link on the vendor list for European Crosstitch Co and you'll find Long Dog kennelled there for all to see and admire.

This post is a bit boring without a picture so I'll have a rummage around and find you something in my dusty archive.

This is part of my garden last spring with the cherry trees just coming into blossom.
And these waterlilies were particularly beautiful this summer until Geordie developed a taste for them and very quickly demolished the lot - bless him!  By the way have a gander at the gallery page I've added a few more pickies for your delight and delectation. 

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