Monday, 22 October 2012

Let's go out .......

..... to Gerda Jacob's studio she's having an open-day to view her mosaics and it's only just down the road.  Le Petit-Pressigny to be precise where, as local rumour has it, Charles and Camilla could sometimes be found dining with friends at Maison Dallais "La Promenade" (before they were officially an item) - .  Now for mosaics:

I like it, two chick-a-birdies - could make a nice cross stitch motif.
And this one over the fireplace was rather striking - if only I had more wall space.  That's been the story of my life.
How's this for a neat storage idea.  Those old plastic water bottles can be so versatile and as for yoghurt pots - well, the list is endless.
Unusual eh? but how on earth would you keep it clean with all those pointy bits sticking out.  The small whitish pieces are actually bits of mirror and really catch the light.
You're right, this has absolutely nothing to do with mosaics but I'm a sucker for a nice chair and after all if you've "shot" it - flaunt it.
Well - that's it.  The party's over so let's slide out the back door before this lot sober up and try to rope us in for the washing up.

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