Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Don't you just love it when something turns up unexpectedly
in the post and it's not even your birthday?

Just recently I received a small, soft package from the Netherlands
which to my delight contained samples of beautiful silk
threads for me to experiment with.

My unknown benefactress is a lady called Joke Trebbe who is the
power behind the throne of Borduurparadijs.  They dye all the threads
themselves and have a range of colours that would make a rainbow
seem lacking.

Koolmees 1858 (top)
Herfstgroen 1819 (bottom)

Let me tell you more - they ship worldwide, payment is via PayPal
and although they usually only make small skeins large hanks can be
ordered which is just perfect for a project such as Death by Cross Stitch.

Diepwater 1857

Joke's shop Borduurparadijs in Velp was founded in 2007 but she's been
in the business over 30 years so has a wealth of experience to call
upon should you be in need of some friendly advice.

Why not have a look at the website where you can see the whole range
of threads and products available and where the photos are far better
than my wobbly images here. 


  1. No! Not more beautiful thread! I am thinking Diepwater 1857 would be perfect for my "After Death" piece! I love a blue-ish sampler with all my heart. Shame on you for being such an enabler!

    Next thing we know, you will once again be parading images of young men in front of us again to oogle!

  2. I wondered why they looked familiar! that's from my LNS!! Yes i'm the most lucky stitcher in the world for having those threads available within a 30 minute drive :) But luckily Joke ships them worldwide! Thanks for sharing Julia!