Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Here's one I prepared earlier .....

.... just in case I should be rushed into hospital on new year's
day, severely dehydrated and completely exhausted.
Rock bottom is not a nice place but it's given me time to
think so as my strength returns there will be some massive
changes to make to my life and the nice thing is -
the only way is up now!

I may not be posting quite so frequently as of late but post I
will and I'm trying to get a new design ready for the
end of the month, so please be gentle with me (as the
actress said to the bishop) - there's life in the old girl yet
and plenty more scrapes and adventures yet to come!

Today's post may contain flashing images, rude words
and content of an adult nature.
Camilla, I only said "may" - it was not a promise.
Bad girl!
Over the centuries samplers have been used not only as motif aide memoirs
or as a way to introduce young people to the genteel art of sewing
but also as a means of getting a covert message across, be it religious,
political or just downright rude as in the above example.
The work of Major Alexis Casdagli has to be my all time favourite.
What a great guy, what wonderful spirit and the best sampler
message ever stitched (in morse code around the border):
"God Save the King" and "Fuck Hitler"
For once I don't think Long Dog will even attempt to go one better.