Sunday, 31 May 2015

What's everyone else been doing

I have just been down to water my runner bean plants
as the rain that was promised failed to put in an appearance.
So I thought that whilst no one
else was around I'd take the opportunity to
take a few sneaky snaps of what's been going
on around the allotments.

Some, like the one next to mine, are absolute perfection
with everything in neat, straight lines, not a leaf out of
place and not an aphid in sight.

These guys must have heard that I was about and have
taken the precaution of covering everything up.
Where's the fun in that?

A shed - that's what I've got on my wish list.

I'd like a bench too if anyone has the pattern for one.

An old cane chair would be equally as acceptable
although they do leave such awful marks on your bum
which as you grow older take longer to fade.

Some have obviously given it all up as a bad job although
there is talk of a wild beast which comes in with the
mist from the marshes and preys on unsuspecting gardeners
who fail to close the gate before they leave.

This one's my favourite and wins the Long Dog prize
for Bird Scarer of the Year.
I wonder if it would work on ducks?

That's my bean teepee there and a miracle it's still
standing really after all the gales we've been having.

Damn and blast - I can't remember if I shut the gate.

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