Friday, 14 April 2017


For this latest design from the fabulously wondrous Long Dog Samplers
you will need to hitch up your dog sleds and hold on tight because we're
heading north to the icy wastelands of northern Canada, 
Greenland and Alaska.

We're going to visit the Inuit people and get a taste of their traditional
designs and artwork.  This little dude looks pleased to see us.

Although I'm not so sure about this guy.  Looks like
he may be having a bad feather day or is severely hungover.
That northern moonshine is strong stuff!

Here's one I made earlier.

INtUITion measures 183 x 328 stitches, costs fourteen
seal skins or £16.20 and is available as a pdf download
direct from me if you ask very nicely and send your email to:

Otherwise visit your LNS if it's a paper copy you're after
or go online to one of the many excellent suppliers you'll find there.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm off to feed the goose.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hoity Toity

I can finally put you all out of my misery with this colourful new design.
Never before in the whole history of Long Dog have I experienced
such anticipation of a sampler.

"When is it coming out?" you politely asked while some of you took
a more direct stance and simply demanded point blank the release date.


So here it is - HOITY TOITY (or the Two Posh Peacocks as I've
been calling it).  Breathe in it's beauty to your very soul and then
nip off and order a copy pronto.

The bottom border was inspired by the beautiful ceiling paintings at
Ranworth Church which is only a five minute drive away from
the Lock Up.  You couldn't help be inspired by art such as this and I
count myself lucky to live in a county so cram-packed with ancient churches.

This was the little snippet I posted many moons ago that got you
all so fired up to see the finished article.  Has it been worth the wait?

And here are the two naughty boys themselves up on the roof
strutting their stuff.  You wouldn't believe the mess they make.

And in conclusion a very naff photo even by my standards of the
exquisite finished piece.  It measures 197 x 282 stitches,
costs £16.20 for the brace (that's £8.10 per bird) and is available as a pdf
download direct from me by simply emailing
or from all good LNS across the planet in paper form.

So don't forget LSO|
(Look - Salivate - Order)
Off you go.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Castles in the Air

Come closer - I want to whisper.
There's a new Long Dog out today and if I say it any
louder tens of thousands of people might get injured
in the ensuing panic buying that is sure to occur.

It's called Castles in the Air.
Why?  Because there's loads of castles and they're
all in an elevated position.

But it's not exclusively about castles.  There's flowers,
grassy knolls, tiny flowers, butterflies and even an
ickle wickle spider too.

Now we're starting to get the bigger picture even if it is a bit
crumpled because I never bother to iron anything.
The stag was a bit camera shy but I managed to capture
most of him before he leaped out of view.

And here's little Bill again.  Some of you may remember
his last adventure when he was bobbing about in a rowing boat
all at sea.  This time he and his brother Alan (who's in a
castle on the other side of this piece) are standing their ground
against hostile crested woodpeckers which are far worse than
aphids, fighting off giant squirrels who are after his nuts and
keeping an eye on a blackwork elephant which has mysteriously
appeared on the scene.  It's all happening.

But I've kept you waiting quite long enough and this is what the
glorious Castles in the Air looks like when all stitched up and
ready for a trip to the framers.

This major work of art, which is much praised in woodworking
circles, is 209 x 285 stitches in circumference and is priced at
£16.20 so hurry and get a copy before the pound sterling begins
to rally again.  

Paper copies are available at all good LNS's globally and far across
the galaxy too and if you're an impatient little imp downloadable
pdf copies are available simply by writing a nice email to:

I shall be hanging about waiting for you to drop by
just like the aforementioned ickle wickle spider
but with more legs and much scarier.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Liquorice Allsorts

It's been a while since I've written anything on the blog
for which I am characteristically impenitent but today I do have
something worth my while to tell you about - so here I am with
details of a brand new design which should particularly please all you
OCD lovers of symmetry out there.

This is a "pop up" post.  Well if restaurants and hairdressers can do it
all over the place willy nilly - then so can Long Dog.

The palette is autumnal which is about right for September although
for some reason this photo doesn't seem to be doing the colours justice.

The style is Celt meets the Flying Dutchman and their resulting offspring
is called Liquorice Allsorts because it reminds me of the sweeties
of the same name.  

But please don't eat them while you're stitching because
liquorice stains something awful and one sneeze could ruin everything.

This must have new addition to the Long Dog stable measures a
modest 251 x 251 stitches and is priced at £12.75.  To obtain a
pdf version of the chart simply contact me at:

Or for a paper version go to your local needlework shop and
shout through the letter box "I want a bag of liquorice allsorts please."
but don't leave it too long or someone else will scoff the lot.

Friday, 17 June 2016

This is the moment you've all been waiting for .......

...... so please all sing together, and in tune if at all possible:

"Happy twentieth anniversary to you,
Happy twentieth anniversary to you,
Happy twentieth anniversary dear Long Dog
Please get on with it do!"

And so with no further delay that moment has finally come
for you to meet your nemesis - DEATH BY CROSS STITCH!

This is the first design in the whole history of Long Dog
Samplers which runs to 16 pages of chart.
It's vital statistics are 363 x 447 stitches and it can be
stitched in any colour of the rainbow your little heart
desires, including black.

I would advise you to take a seat before I reveal the
price - £22.50 and worth every penny.  It's available direct
from me as a pdf download via the following link:

or by simply banging on the door of your LNS and shouting
loudly through the letter box "Get me a copy of Death by
Cross Stitch lest I turn into a frog from sheer frustration.
My life will never be complete without it!"

So, you've all seen this eighth wonder of the world,
you all know how to get a copy which leaves me to ask
"What are you waiting for?"

Sunday, 12 June 2016

One week to go!

The countdown starts now to the biggest ever
Long Dog Sampler due to be released
in seven days time on Saturday 18th June 2016
to mark my twenty glorious years of cross stitch design.

This snippet represents barely a quarter of the actual design.
So make a note in your diary, finish off what you're working
on and be prepared to be captivated.  This one's got everything
you'd look for in a Long Dog - bright eyes, a bushy tail,
will take you a lifetime and, what's more, it doesn't shed.

Monday, 30 May 2016

The Poorly Finger

It's not until you lose the use of something, albeit temporarily,
that you realise just how much you need it.  In this instance it's only
the index finger of my right hand but it's day two without his help and 
I already have a very long list of things that are totally out of the question 
or extremely difficult to achieve.

It all happened in seconds.  One minute I was simply trying to open a
door with a rather stiff handle and the next there was blood gushing
out of my finger and a slicing cut right down to the bone of my
knuckle and I still can't fathom exactly how I managed to do it.

So, what to do about all the runner bean plants that need to go in this
weekend; how am I meant to prepare carrots without
causing myself a further mischief; why is it so difficult to wipe your
bum with the left hand; squeeze and twist bottle caps you can forget;
picking coins out of my purse requires patience and even texting is
currently something of a challenge.

But do you know what is the hardest thing to put up with -
I   C A N   N O T   SEW!