Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Envy kicks in when a person lacks, and hotly desires,
a quality, an achievement or a possession that someone else
already has.
The Morgan - also available in envy green.
Psychologists have recently decided that there are two types of
Portia's green-eyed monster - malicious and benign,
which they now see as a positive, motivational force.
So envy's a sin you've really got to work at if you want a
high score on the sin scale.
Don't touch Camilla.
Envy, a sin of the flesh (I prefer those) could be considered,
depending on how you look at it, an essential part of our DNA
simply because man evolved through natural selection.
That's why all the fit blokes get snapped up first.
Hands up who isn't just a tad envious of Mrs Clooney?
I rest my case!
And one so young too.
Jealousy can often be found standing in for Envy on his day off
although it's real meaning is fear of losing someone or something
rather than covetousness.  Just so you know.
Aristotle certainly knew the difference between the two and
described envy as "the pain caused by the good fortune of others".
Envy also has a younger brother, Grudge, and a baby sister,
Malice, all three of them spawned by Discontent and
Resentment, their parents.
Perhaps St Flovier is the one you're after.  Everyone else has a copy!
When envy rears it's ugly head that's when Long Dog comes in helpful.
Isn't there something you yearn for, hanker after, positively crave?
Well then, visit the web site and I'm sure you'll find it there.
Then if you put in a quick order without hesitation or procrastination
you will no longer be in a state of sin as the item in question
will swiftly become yours at the click of a mouse.
Envy sorted.  Sin absolved (it was a green one too),
Julia temporarily a happy bunny.
I am cast down with longing.
And as for the animal allocated to this sin, wouldn't you know it,
it's a dog.  Now please excuse me while I howl in anguish and pain
at the thought of all you dog owners out there.
How I envy you, it hurts! 
The time-honoured punishment for this disgraceful display of envy
is immersion in freezing water so please excuse me, I must take
another cold shower immediately.  It might deal with the lust too!
Sorry Mrs Clooney.
Next up - ANGER


  1. Brilliant! Now I will continue in sin until I have every piece from Long Dog that I desire! ha, ha!

  2. Great idea Carla! Who knew sinning could be so advantageous when it comes to our Long Dog stash enhancement. :-)

    Julia - was that you looking a little jealous in the picture above. Oh my!

    1. Not me. I was probably round the back of the bike sheds having a crafty smoke.