Monday, 29 June 2015

Keys to the Castle

It has long been my intention to sign up for full membership
of the Norfolk Museum Service and I'm pleased to report that
I have recently done just that.  

There's so much to look at.
As part of the package
I am now entitled to free entrance to all the museums within
the fair county of Norfolk and in particular I have gained
an "open sesame" to the Norwich Textile Collection.

Detail on a posh frock circa 1850.

More on this subject later but just so you know
they have not only a great number of Norwich shawls in their
archive but also many very fine examples of the original Norfolk
samplers on which Do Different was loosely based
as well as some other Long Dog goodies still in their kennels
and eager to be released in the future.

Difficult to photograph because flashing not allowed.

And here's the best bit - as a fully signed up member I am
now in the happy position of being able to request
hands on viewing of many items in the collection many
of which are not normally on display to the public.
Perhaps I should buy myself a pair of white gloves
to show I'm keen?

Part of a step by step stumpwork tutorial.

Towards the end of this month I shall be attending a workshop
catchily entitled "Norwich Textiles at the Time of the Hugenots"
with a promise from the curator that "This will be a special 
opportunity to view (up close and personal - my words)
some of our earliest textiles."  Can't wait.
Pictures will surely follow.  You have been warned.

Spotte motif

Inside the Castle Keep

One of the many costume exhibits

Now I know where Laura Ashley got her ideas!

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