Friday, 20 May 2016

Step away from that cake

I will personally disown the first Long Dog stitcher I catch
attempting to ice a giant tray bake with motifs from Mouline Rouge
because things are moving on apace in the sticky, edible world
that is cake craft.

Just when you thought that the genteel art of cake decoration couldn't
possibly take a new turn along comes a bend in the road and a whole
new horizon opens up to greet you.

No further need for piping bags and a box full of nozzles to create impossible
swirls, drooping swags or thin precise lines.  Forget the edible glitter,
ditch the sprinkles and give those Disney cake toppers the elbow.  No more
sugar work flowers or squiggly chocolate writing; simply get yourself a brush,
some food paints and a plain iced cake and what you have the potential to
create will be limited only by your imagination.  How exciting is that?

No need to start big, take your time until you get your eye in.  This one looks remarkably like a Van Gogh.
Perhaps the artist was having a bad paint day.

A stained glass effect looks very stunning but I'd hate to have been
the person who had to finally cut it.

Now this is a cake that looks like a stack of beautiful cake tins bought
as a souvenir from Monet's Garden or perhaps it is cake tins
sitting patiently in a stack trying to fool everyone.

I think this one takes the biscuit so to speak.  It's my favourite
so far - but I'm still looking.

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