Friday, 25 September 2015

I'm hitting the panic button

Christmas is coming, my order book is filling fast.
There's only room for a couple more
Then they will be the last (for this year).


What I'm trying to say is that if you've got your heart set on a
bespoke Long Dog Sampler for Christmas (and who wouldn't)
which has been designed for you and you alone, then I
wouldn't leave it too long before you contact me about it:

These wondrous delights take time in the making and
much as it peeves me to say it,
even I can't do the impossible
so don't say I didn't give you all fair warning.

This black beauty is the latest Long Dog special commission
and it's proud owner is a canny lass who knows
a thing or two when it comes to booking early for Christmas!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a masterpiece!!!

  2. This is gorgeous!

  3. Oh my! I love it! It seems I might need to consider this type of work for my daughters. The would really appreciate it. I doubt I could stitch them this year, so I might have to consider 2016. Oh my again!!!