Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The plot thickens .....

This weekend just gone was exceptionally busy by
my standards because not only was it the allotment open
day but it also marked the start of my tenancy of
a second piece of land - Plot 19.

Numerologically I'm very happy with that because when
you add the number 6 of my original plot to the number 19
and then reduce the figures down this comes out at 7.
And 7 is my birth number and the magic number too
so how can I possibly fail to grow even more wonderful 
things over the coming years and seasons?

Mine, all mine!

Plot 19 is pretty big (5m x 20m) and it's a bit of a walk on
the wild side but I'm sure I shall soon have it licked into
shape provided that I don't go at it like a bull in a china
shop and knacker myself in the process.

What do you fancy a slice of?

The open day was wonderful, the sun was out, the crowds
were out too and, more importantly, so were their purses
and we raised a record amount through the sale of produce,
jams, home-made cakes and the inevitable cups of rosie.

Getting ready for the locusts to arrive.
My Russian friend about to start her juggling act.
A very "British" affair

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  1. I remember my mother working with numbers and I got interested. I am not sure I have anything lucky about mine, but my daughter was born 7-7-73 and that has to be lucky!