Friday, 17 June 2016

This is the moment you've all been waiting for .......

...... so please all sing together, and in tune if at all possible:

"Happy twentieth anniversary to you,
Happy twentieth anniversary to you,
Happy twentieth anniversary dear Long Dog
Please get on with it do!"

And so with no further delay that moment has finally come
for you to meet your nemesis - DEATH BY CROSS STITCH!

This is the first design in the whole history of Long Dog
Samplers which runs to 16 pages of chart.
It's vital statistics are 363 x 447 stitches and it can be
stitched in any colour of the rainbow your little heart
desires, including black.

I would advise you to take a seat before I reveal the
price - £22.50 and worth every penny.  It's available direct
from me as a pdf download via the following link:

or by simply banging on the door of your LNS and shouting
loudly through the letter box "Get me a copy of Death by
Cross Stitch lest I turn into a frog from sheer frustration.
My life will never be complete without it!"

So, you've all seen this eighth wonder of the world,
you all know how to get a copy which leaves me to ask
"What are you waiting for?"


  1. Need I tell you that I am in love with this one! It is fabulous!!!! Off to get it ordered!

  2. I am in a state of shock and awe!!! Marvelous and all related words just do not describe this beauty!!

  3. Love it and ordered it already. Thank you for a great design.

  4. Why are the letters J Q and V missing?

    1. Because it's a Dutch style alphabet and so these letters were not traditionally included.

  5. With something this large, what count and fabric would you recommend? I'm normally a 32 ct Belfast linen gal, but not sure on this one ...

    Color and thread of choice would be Splendor silk and probably straight up black (maybe navy blue - but something dark)

  6. Jules,
    How many stitches (not stitch count) are in this sampler?

  7. What do the squiggly lines of the backs of the geese signify? On the cover picture it looks filled in.

  8. They have no particular significance and are purely for decoration.

  9. Julia, I miss your musings on the blog. Are you coming back one day? Please!!!!!

    1. Patricia it's nice to know someone's missed me but right now I seem to have run out of things to say and feel that my offerings were beginning to be a bit "contrived". Maybe a rush of new ideas will arrive with on the autumn winds but right this minute I simply can't think of anything to say worth saying. I'll have to wait and see.

    2. Well, as Patricia said, you are missed!

  10. How big is this is centimetres?