Monday, 30 May 2016

The Poorly Finger

It's not until you lose the use of something, albeit temporarily,
that you realise just how much you need it.  In this instance it's only
the index finger of my right hand but it's day two without his help and 
I already have a very long list of things that are totally out of the question 
or extremely difficult to achieve.

It all happened in seconds.  One minute I was simply trying to open a
door with a rather stiff handle and the next there was blood gushing
out of my finger and a slicing cut right down to the bone of my
knuckle and I still can't fathom exactly how I managed to do it.

So, what to do about all the runner bean plants that need to go in this
weekend; how am I meant to prepare carrots without
causing myself a further mischief; why is it so difficult to wipe your
bum with the left hand; squeeze and twist bottle caps you can forget;
picking coins out of my purse requires patience and even texting is
currently something of a challenge.

But do you know what is the hardest thing to put up with -
I   C A N   N O T   SEW!


  1. Oh Julia! I do hope your finger is feeling better soon. I have done a very similar thing with a door and can feel your pain. Fortunately I can stitch with my left hand as well (albeit a bit slower).

    Treat your hand very gently and you will be back to your old tricks in no time. Better healed than hurting.

  2. It is the worst to lose a finger but when it returns to use, you can throw a celebration. Meantime, design away and perhaps a finger inspired idea with leap to the forefront. Have been in your shoes more than once - my sincere condolences and hugs.

  3. Another been there, done that! I found reading a good escape from the misery of immobile digits. Good luck!

  4. Oh, no! Hope it heals very quickly so you can get back to your daily life.

  5. Get better soon!

  6. Just a note to let you know you and your fun/interesting posts are missed! Get better soon.

    1. It's nice to know my ramblings have been missed and kind of you to enquire about the digit. The finger is now almost back to it's own self and I'm able to stitch again now so long as I take a break every now and again. However where the blog is concerned my mind seems to have gone blank and after four years of fairly regular posts i seem to have run out of inspiration and am in danger of repeating myself. But there's a new design due in a few day's time and maybe that will kickstart me into some kind of action again.

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  7. Well, I am sure you know that we are eager to see what the new design is! Is this the big anniversary one?

    1. Yes all will be revealed next Saturday although i might tease a little before that.

  8. Julia - Sorry about your finger - it does get in the way of stitching doesn't it? I hope it gets better soon.

    I have to ask - what piece are you stitching in the picture? :)