Sunday, 15 May 2016

Matthew 19:24

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of
a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."

Breathe in - Willard Wigan MBE knows the camel trick .........

Willard was born in Birmingham in 1957 and almost from birth he had a
penchant for creating tiny things.  When he was five he entered the property
market building affordable homes for ants.  But did he stop there?
No of course not - he made them all hats and shoes too.  Well he would,
wouldn't he?

The four seasons

Things have moved on just a tad from those days and now this fully
fledged micro-sculptor has gone beyond visibility with the naked eye and
has entered the realms of microscopy.  To enable him to work at this
intense magnification Willard slows his heartbeat through meditation
thus reducing hand tremors then with the aid of tweezers he
sculpts between heart beats.

Thank goodness Alice survived

During a recent appearance on The One Show he admitted to accidentally
inhaling Alice in Wonderland when he got too close to his work and
breathed in at the wrong moment.  I bet Alice thought 
"Here we go again ......"

Willard's work has been described at the eighth wonder of the world
and his patrons include HRH Prince Charles, Sir Elton John, Mike Tyson
and Simon Cowell.

Probably Willard's most prestigeous commission to date is the minute
Coronation Crown requested by HRH Queen Elizabeth II to mark her
Diamond Jubilee.  However no mention was ever officially made
of a teeny tiny pack of Welsh Corgis!

Bird on a wire

Now I must get on with my sewing if I can ever manage to thread my
needle.  It seems to be blocked by something.
How wonderful if it was a tiny wee Long Dog.

He does pinheads for a change