Friday, 27 November 2015

The Turner Prize

Alain grafting away in his workshop.

No, not THE Turner Prize but A turner prize should 
certainly go to Alain Mailland.

Alain (he's French) started out in life as a carpenter
but very quickly discovered that his real skill lies
in wood turning and he celebrates life and all it's
little hidden twists and "turns" with his beautiful creations.

Definately a bit Viking this one.

Never leave Alain beneath the "greenwood" tree because
within moments of being left alone he'd transform it
into some magical, hybrid creature from this
galaxy or beyond.

His workshop is in the heart of the maquis gardois
and if you're ever in the vacinity of Chambrigaud I
counsel you to go and see his utterly captivating
work up close and personal for yourselves.

And if you've a hankering for something a little more
hands on, Alain runs classes and workshops in his atelier
throughout the year  Well one good "turn" deserves
another after all..

These are spooky little dudes.

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