Thursday, 3 September 2015

Norwich from several angles

Before we start the tour - I've just been looking at my blog
stats and would appear to be one follower short of a hundred.
Whilst marginally better than being one sandwich short of a
picnic would some kind soul please put me out of my misery
and sign up as my hundredth follower.  After all I am the
original pied cross stitcher so follow me.
Would I steer you wrong? 

Have a butcher's through here.  It's just before Fye Bridge.

Today I want to show you something of the Norwich
that I love but which the tourist probably never
has the pleasure of seeing.  

Looks interesting doesn't it?

All this involves bending my knees to see things
from odd angles, standing on tiptoes to look over things
and generally poking my nose occasionally where it's
not welcomed.  Well I have to get my exercise somehow
and I prefer it to a trip to the gym.

I don't know what Mickey Mouse is doing in there.
Chuck him out at once before they start interbreeding.

How many teddy bears can you get into a tiny space.
The answer is hundreds if you happen to visit the
Teddy Bear Shop on Elm Hill.  Whatever you do don't
look into their eyes or you'll end up buying one.

There's so many hidden treasures and this loveluy old
Georgian house in Life's Green which is behind the
Cathedral is just one example.

But I certainly wasn't prepared to find this delightful
cottage tucked away up an alley behind the main high street.
It's a new one on me although maybe it's just more
noticeable since the rethatching work has been done.

The latest treasure that I've just unearthed is a newly opened
shop on Elm Hill where I worked for six years man and boy
in the 1990's.  It exalts in the name Stoned & Hammered so
I entered with some caution fully expecting to find a den of
druggies and drunks only to be met by a charming young woman
called Lisa who makes beautiful hand crafted, and very
desirable, jewellry of all shapes, sizes and descriptions.

Give her a look if your passing that way but be sure to
wear stout boots as the famous cobble stones of the hill
have been known to take their toll on even the most
experienced of mountaineers and fell walkers alike.
You have been warned - the sights of Norwich turn heads
but the cobbles of Elm Hill turn ankles!

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