Friday, 11 September 2015

Finally losing the thread ......

Today I spent some time trying to thread my trusty needle
and all to no avail.  I bit the tip of the thread a couple of times
to try and facilitate easy threading.  In a desperate bid to
get stitching I even trimmed the thread in case it was a bit
frayed and that this was the problem but all to no avail.

It was a bit dumpsey outside so I put on a light
and the pin dropped (to use a stitching metaphor)  .......

..... I had the bloody thing upside down and was trying to
thread the point!

Should have gone to SpecSavers.


  1. Welcome to the club!!!! I finally bought a floor lamp with magnifier and gave in. It was like a new light came on literally to be able to see. Thanks for the chuckle and memory of been there - done that. So nice to have a friend!!!

  2. I love it - had to see there is club for us down side up needle threaders.