Sunday, 21 June 2015

It's a little chart x 2!

I can now proudly announce the birth of not one but two new
Long Dog's after a long and arduous labour bravely borne.

The eldest by a matter of minutes is called Sacre Coeur.

He measures 163 x 207 stitches and is priced 
very reasonably at only £6.50 as the crow flies.

The second to arrive is slightly larger and because it was
a forceps delivery and gave the midwife a bit of a scare she
has been called Merry-Go-Rounds.

She's 169 x 275 stitches
and is exactly the same price as her brother - £6,50.

Merry's so much taller than her brother but he has my needle's eyes!

No need for gushing words of congratulation or floral tributes
simply grab your plastic, click on the link below
and tell me you want to adopt one or both of these
delightful new additions to the Long Dog family. 

No stash will be complete without them.

Alternative colour suggestions:


  1. Oh thank goodness! I was concerned that there would be unforeseen complications. The babies look just as precious as their older siblings.

    I will be contacting the local adoption agency later today to see when they might like to come for a home visit. Hopefully another successful adoption for my house.

    BTW - I like how you dressed them up in different outfits so we could see which colors suited them best. :-)

  2. Sacrebleu! What a price and so gorgeous.

    1. Sapristi! Do you think I am overcharging my Deb?