Saturday, 9 May 2015


No, the title is not a chirpy cockney greeting designed to
encompass several people at the same time.
That would be just silly, and anyway it would be spelled
"wotchers" as anyone who can write within a
three mile radius of Bow would only to readily agree.

Watchers of the Dawn, photo courtesy of sweet Catherine.
You can tell it's newly framed - see how that flash sparkles
against the beautiful clean glass.  I really must remember to
clean some of my pieces.   The glass is so dusty and in places
fly spattered that not even the fastest shutter speed makes
then gleam any more.  Domestic goddess I am not.

Please send me some of your pikkies - anything will do.
WIPs, finished pieces with or without clothes (frames),
your favourite sewing chair or even the cat laying in the sun
on top of your latest project.  The Long Dog charity shop
for photo's has never been known to refuse anything
and I say that not as a challenge Camilla!

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