Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tailored mosaic

Being someone who is often to be found lacking in sense,
of either the common or dress variety, I have been a little
tardy in my discovery of Dolce & Gabbana's Milan
Winter 2014 collection - Tailored Mosaic.
I shall, however, be keeping an eye on local charity shops
from now on for when the Acle fashionistas decide to
weed out their wardrobes with a bored sigh of,
"This mosaic look is so yesterday."
I wonder if it would go with wellingtons?
These extraordinary creations were inspired by the ancient
mosaics of Monreale in Sicily, a city which blossomed in
the 11th century with the arrival of the Normans.
 The beautiful cathedral was built at the behest of King William II
of Altavilla circa 1180 AD along with the archiepiscopal
palace and cloister.
Amongst the art treasures is a series of golden mosaics one of
which depicts the crowning of William II by Christ and another
the dedication of the church by old William again.  I suppose
 if you're the patron you can, in theory, appear in the finished work
as many times as your budget will allow. 

The standard of
workmanship was the finest money could buy and craftsmen
came from as far as Venice and Byzantium to help realise
this striking work of art.
Dolce & Gabbana have also employed artisans of the highest level
to create their own mosaics in fabric, painstakingly adding each
tiny piece of material stitch by stitch to adorn dresses,
shoes and bags alike.
The entire collection is Byzantine with a capital B
and really quite wonderful.

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