Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Brief Encounter Acle style

Most of you are probably too young to remember the old black and
white 1945 film of Noel Coward's play starring Trevor Howard
and Celia Johnson.  It's extremely tame by today's standards
but back in the day a woman having a chance meeting with a
stranger on a railway station and becoming subsequently
tempted to cheat on her husband was all rather shocking.
It certainly had my mother and her cronies muttering over
their elevensies whilst secretly lusting over old Trevor.

In the light of the above
some may find my outing this afternoon rather provocative,
I prefer to think of it as an act of desperation in the
persuance of art as I took myself off to Acle Station
 hell bent on  recreating the atmosphere of the time on my camera
and not really caring whether I tempted fate in the process.
How slutty is that?

Acle Station plays host to trains which shuttle to a fro between
Norwich and Great Yarmouth on the Wherry Line
It was built back in 1883 and quite frankly nothing much has
changed since.  A perfect venue or so I thought.
The only thing lacking was Piano Concerto No 2 by
Rackmaninoff playing softly in the background as in the film.
It soon became apparent that it's not a prime location for
speed dating or indeed any encounter of the human kind at all.
Not a train passed in either direction during the whole time
I was there and Sean Connery was not to be found having a quick
cuppa in the cafeteria.  Indeed there was no cafeteria
Neither was Cillian Murphy leaning on a broom outside
the waiting room while he had a quick break from sweeping
the platform.  A brief encounter was just not on the cards for me.
In fact the only other living creature that I saw was
a blackbird with a beak full of gubbins trying to decide
whether to nest in the bicycle basket as it's previous owner
had obviously only bought a one way ticket and was
not coming back.  I know how she (no crossbar) felt!   

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