Sunday, 23 November 2014

Swallow or spit?

There was an old Long Dog woman who swallowed a spider,
Which neither wriggled, nor jiggled, nor tickled inside her!
She swallowed the spider not to catch a fly
but because .......
.....she wasn't paying attention whilst drinking her early morning
cup of rosie and failed to notice, until well past the
point of no return, the submerged remains of a
medium-sized arachnid, that had somehow managed
to become incorporated in the brew,
and swallowed the damned thing whole!
I don't know why the fly was even mentioned
- perhaps she'll die!


  1. I see. By the title of this post I was expecting something pornographic.Lashings of apologies for being so indecent. :-) Hope you had a lovely weekend in spite of the spider swallowing.

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