Monday, 3 November 2014

Splish, splash .....

It being a nice sunny afternoon, and probably one of the last
we're likely to get this side of Christmas,
I decided to take myself off for a stroll along the Weaver's Way.
The Way is a 56 mile, long distance footpath which runs from
Cromer to Great Yarmouth and skirts alongside
the River Bure as it passes close to the Lock Up on the Acle stretch
of the route..
Quite by chance as I pootled along going nowhere fast
I fell into conversation with a bloke out walking his
two cairn terriers.  Apparently they were rescue dogs
which he had only had for a couple of weeks so both
parties weren't, as yet, particularly well acquainted.
He spoke at length about bowel problems they were both
experiencing (the two dogs, not the bloke) and in an attempt
to coax him off the rather graphic subject which was probably, after all
due to the fact that he had rather over-indulged them last night
on some culinary delicacies left over from his own meal,
I said "I'm surprised to see you already trust them off lead."
At precisely the same moment we must have startled some
young hares that were also out enjoying the tail end of our
Indian summer.  And before the bloke had even managed to shout
"Heel", which I thought was a pretty stupid thing to shout
considering the two little buggers were already a good
50 yards on ahead of us, off shot the hares with cairns in hot, vociferous persuit.
Needless to say the hares made it over the dyke in one giant leap.
I heard the first "splash" as one of the frenzied terriers
didn't and I certainly wasn't hanging around to wait
for the inevitable "splosh" about to follow.
Time to make myself scarce ..........

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