Friday, 14 November 2014

Naomi's tah dah moment!

Naomi, like her mother before her, is a good girl.
No - not that sort of a "good girl", I have every confidence
that she can be as naughty as the rest of us on her
days off.
What I mean is that when she says she will do something,
then she does.
"I will send you a photo of Les Cerises when it's all finished
and framed." she said and here it is.
Doesn't it look simply magnificent, you'd never
believe it's the first cross stitch she's ever done.
Now all I need to figure out is whether those two while
blobs in the middle are my fault of hers.  Whatever next?
Rumply, scrumply Do Bears? that's what she's onto next.
At this rate of progress she should have it finished
and framed by Easter at the very latest. 
Did I say which Easter?
Come on the rest of you miserable sinners, send me your
WIPs, ILTO's (I love this ones) and FINISHES (self explanatory)
I need stuff.  No Alice dear not stuffing, that's something
totally different and best left for another time to explain.
Here's a bigger lump of Do Different just to sustain you a little longer.
Come back tomorrow when I promise to show you
the full frontal.  Might even give you a flash of Do Different
too if you're very good.

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