Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's showtime!

All can now be revealed after months of secrecy and
intrigue.  The world may not be ready for this
- but here in my tiny lock-up it's all systems go for

Comes in any colour your little heart desires - the choice is yours,
and yours alone.  How intimate is that?
Please don't answer with your mouth full Camilla.
It really is the height of bad manners.

Seen here sprawled on my bed.
Big designs tire very quickly you know.

And now for the vital statistics.
360 x 338 stitches

And all for just 20 euros. 
Think of it this way, if it takes you a couple
of years to stitch it will cost you less
than a centime per day.
Where else could you get so much fun
for such a small outlay?
Don't even go there Ginger!
It will be pure and utter indulgence on your part, but listen to your
inner voice - you know it makes sense.
You may not need it but can you live without it?
That's the question to which the answer is -
"I cannot possibly exist a moment longer without this
exquisite creature nestling in my stash.
I must contact Julia immediately before stocks run out."
Never fear, I shall be here at the ready just waiting to
minister to your every need.


  1. I love it and will be getting it as soon as possible from my LNS! Fabulous!

  2. WOW!!!! LOVE THIS!! Congrats on another beautiful design, Julia!

  3. I and 3 of my friends just ordered it from our LNS. It is BEAUTIFUL

  4. Julia, just ordered mine and can not wait to get this one in my hands.