Thursday, 27 November 2014

Calling all boomers

Who's up for a laugh now in the autumn of our years?
No sex please 'cos I'm British but I'll join you in a beer.
Who fancies being naughty just like when we were sixteen?
I won't grass you to your children, where we've been or what we've seen.
Who wants to have that one last fling before our twilight years?
Before they pack us off to care homes, and treat us like "old dears".
Who wants to feel the earth move, stay out late and wear torn heans?
Just don't you leave it too long before rigor mortis intervenes!
Who wants to ride their bikes down hill, or fly a kite again?
Who wants to watch the stars come out, or get soaked in the rain?
Who wants to ride a whirlwind, here I am, so take my hand.
Who wants to just feel happy?  Come on Custer - one last stand!

If only .......

I have a horrible feeling I may have posted this
little poem of mine before
but I simply can't be arsed to wade back and look.
In which case do forgive me and I'd better get my skates on
- it's later than I thought! 


  1. Put your jeans on granny, I'm ready to roll!!! Sharon

  2. Recently a friend asked why a mid-60s woman like me didn't go to the all womans CURVES gym here but insisted on going to the gym with all "those sweaty men who just had on gym shorts." Nuff said. Sharon