Monday, 17 November 2014

And you thought Long Dog's were big .....

The Sistine is a large and famous chapel in
the Apostolic Palace.
The Palace is the official residence of the Pope in
Vatican City and contains many beautiful frescoes.
Probably the best known of which is The Last
Judgement by Michelangelo.
So where's all this leading us?
Why to this of course.
Canadian born Joanna Lopianowski-Roberts
who now lives in California was 36 when she embarked
on her project.  It measures 40" x 80" and
she did the whole thing on her lap.
At the stitching rate of at least one hour per day it's now finished.
Eight years it took her which is longer than old Michelangelo
took to knock off the original laying flat on his back,
pressed to the ceiling.
Joanna is now 44 and has finally got a life!
She could probably complete Tyler's Lion in a couple
of afternoons so long as she didn't stop too
often for a cup of tea.

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