Sunday, 12 October 2014

I'll try anything once ....

.... and yesterday was no exception.
Actually it all started earlier in the week when a
cheery Scotswoman sitting next to me in the doctor's waiting
room posed the question, "Do you bowl?"

Good old Beryl Cook.  I love her work.
Not something I had ever thought about really
but she assured me that even if I didn't fancy
bowling the Social Club in Acle is very
lively and I would soon get to make new friends.
So with my misgivings put to one side and
just the merest touch of blusher on my cheeks
I sallied forth to see what fate had in store for me.

I must have been very wicked in a former life, that's all I can think.
I lasted all of half an hour!
Everyone was very friendly and welcoming,
I could find no fault there.
Everyone was also a good fifteen years my senior,
clad in white with their names machine stitched just
above their left breasts.  Whether for ease of identification
or in case they forgot I'm still not sure.

Beryl strikes again.
I watched the first "rubber" or "chukka" or whatever it is
they call a game played out in total, intense silence
as they waved their arms aloft trying to send kinetic, directional
messages to their woods and rolled their eyes when the
particular wood in question took not a blind bit of notice
and hurtled on to land with a thump in the gulley.
They came equipped with towels to keep their hands
free from moisture, personalised bags to carry
their bowls from A to B, specialist lifting devices for
those unable to bend but what really freaked me out
was when an elderly gentleman took a small aerosal spray
from his pocket and proceeded to squirt his woods.

I'm a cross stitcher - get me out of here!



    You may enjoy this artist's portrayal of bowlers too. I love his work. Unfortunately, he died some years ago but some of his work can be viewed online.

  2. Get them cross-stitching - take up permanent residence in your doctor's surgery with your wonderful cross-stitch patterns to help them pass the time - bet they don't do bowling in the doctor's surgery!