Friday, 14 February 2014

Hare Apparent

In ancient times the hare was a symbol of vitality,
sexual desire and fertility and was often chosen as
a gift between lovers.  Come on, you can tell me,
it's Valentine's Day - roses, chocolates, perfume,
a hare - what did he get you this year?
The cheapskate!  I'm sure it will be delicious.
In Christian iconography the hare is an attribute of
St Martin of Tours.  I only mention this because
he lived just down the road from here back in the day
and the fields around the Chateau are
overrun with his furry little chums.
Hare Apparent would make an ideal Valentine's gift and
much less trouble than the real thing.  Think about it.
No need to search for dandelion leaves if given live or
suitable recipes should it come "oven ready".
To tempt you further here's Louise's fine rendition
just back from the framer's and all ready to hang.
Bravo, magnificent comes to mind!
Start nagging now and this easy to follow chart could be in your
sticky little hands by nightfall - although I do hope
you wash them first before stitching.



  1. Quelle coincidence! Zitella is stitching a rabbit at this time, started a while back. I have named it Rabbit Redux (to borrow a title).

  2. I thought I could detect someone out there tuned in to my wave length, I might have known it would be you!

  3. The hare trio is found in 17 churches across Devon. Because it was the final animal to bolt from the standing corn as the reapers approached, the hare was linked to the goddess Ceres. In Galloway the reaping of the last standing corn is called 'cutting the hare'.

  4. I'm still working on my hare Julia - my problem now is that it's become one of 16 WIPs! I am officially obsessed!